Justice and Freedom for the Eastern Province

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BREAKING- Saudi Arabia sentences 26 dissidents to death Breaking BBC Report -Shia voice discontent at Saudi Arabia’s ruling Sunni Saudi authorities ‘trying to silence activists’ Mass murder in the Middle East is funded by our friends the Saudis Saudi Arabia: Human rights activists face court as crackdown intensifies Saudi Arabia frees man jailed for Muhammad tweets, jails another Saudi Arabia starts trial of 23 Shia activists Saudi forces open fire at people in Awamia Saudi forces arrested 2 Shiite citizens in Qatif


BREAKING- Saudi Arabia sentences 26 dissidents to death

  Saudi Arabia has sentenced twenty-six people to death on such charges as giving speeches critical of the Al Saud regime and participating in protests against the ruling family, Press TV has learnt. Among those sentenced to death is the prominent Shia cleric, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, who...Read More


Breaking BBC Report -Shia voice discontent at Saudi Arabia’s ruling Sunni

Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province is home to many of the country's minority Shia population. Many there have long complained of marginalisation at the hands of the Sunni ruling family. Shia people saying they are poorer than the Sunni despite living on one of the world's largest oil...Read More


Saudi authorities ‘trying to silence activists’

Source: BBC News   It's new report claims critics have been given travel bans, had their employment terminated, been subjected to smear campaigns, and detained and prosecuted. But they are continuing to voice their concerns, using social media to build networks and launch digital...Read More


Source: BBC News   Habib al-Maatiq has already been in detention for more than a year, and it is reported that he has been released. It is not clear what he was charged with, but he was involved in a website that reported on pro-reform protests by Eastern Province's Shia...Read More

History of the Eastern Province

The population of the eastern province are of ancient civilisation and history. They hold a different belief system to that of the rest of the Saudi Arabian population. Namely, they follow the Shia school of thought of Islam.

Traditionally, they rely on farming, fishing and other forms of manual labour and trades as their main source of income.

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Why now?

The Saudi Arabian regime is one of the most extreme in brutality against its peoples and is one of the toughest regimes in the world whose evilness extends not only to the residents of the eastern province but to several countries around the world.

The Saudi regime is empowered by its enormous wealth which it obtains from the sale of petroleum mainly found in the eastern province.  The independence of the province would therefore prove extremely disadvantageous to the beastly Saudi regime.

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Our Mission

The Saudi regime restricts the eastern province’s population from exercising their human and political rights as citizens of Saudia Arabia. Indeed, the regime has continuously kept a very close eye on the people of the eastern province for fear of any activists seeking to redeem their human rights.